Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Wednesday, 23 July 2014 22:43

FREE Pancake treats for students

Everyone loves the Pancake parlour!!! 
William Angliss Institute students will be treated to a yummy free pancake from the Pancake parlour
Lock in  Wednesay 6th August in your smartphone  so you dont miss out!!  Only limited pancakes will be available

Venue: The Lounge | Building C Level 1
Date: Wednesday 6th August
Time; 12.00pm unitl all finished

Schnitz are recruiting for COOKS and TEAM MEMBERS in two locations:

: 11am - 1pm
When: Wednesday 6 August
Where: Student Lounge (Building C, Level 1)

Thought about working on a holiday island resort?
Hamilton Island will be on campus to present and information and recruitment session:

Time: 12pm - 1pm
Thurday, 28 August 2014
Location: Room A534 | Building A, Level 5 (enter via back lift)

Thursday, 03 July 2014 03:08

Stay Safe in Melbourne

Stay Safe When You are Out and About

When you are out and about it is important to be alert and aware of your personal safety.

GET ACTIVE – JOIN SOUTH PACIFIC HEALTH CLUB  AND GYM                                                                           
South Pacific Health Club City would like to invite all William Angliss Institute students to join this Semester |
Located very near to William Angliss Institute on Bourke Street Melbourne

Sunday, 07 April 2013 23:11

Are you suffering a injury?

Student Injuries and temporary disability while studying @ WAI

 If you have been injured or have become:

  • seriously unwell (temporary medical condition)
  • injuries (such as a broken arm or leg )
  • surgery
  • acute illnesses

During your studies and have medical evidence you may be eligible for assistance from WAI disability services to receive help during the semester and or during assessment periods.

 Make yourself known to Student Support Services by contacting, call 9606 2232 or visit us at  Building C | Level 2 | Room  C204.

Monday, 23 June 2014 03:53

International Student Coordinators

Who are the International Student Coordinators?

Each Teaching Centre has an International Student Coordinator to help International students in their studies. They can assist with understanding the course and requirements, timetables, assignments and assessment tasks etc. They can help with problems with classes or teachers, and they can organise support services such as extra help with English and study, careers or counselling. The International Student Coordinators will check that international students are progressing in their course and attending classes. They will contact international students who are having problems in their studies to find out why, and to offer assistance and support. The International Student Coordinators are there to help make study at William Angliss as successful and enjoyable as possible.

Anita Olshina International Student Coordinator   Centre for Hospitality and Tourism (Hospitality, Event Management, Travel, Tourism and Resorts courses)

Office is located on Building A | Level 4 | Room A441

Phone: (03) 9606 2527

Mobile: 0434 603 331


Claire Benson International Student Coordinator for Food Trades and Culinary Arts Department (Cookery, Patisserie, Bakery, and Food Science courses)

Contact Details

Office is located Building E | Level 1 | Room E106

Phone: (03) 9606 2373


 Important International Student resource - a must have guide

The WAI Living in Melbourne:Studying at William Angliss is an essential guide for all International students.

You will find lots of great info in this guide to help you adjust to a new city, and make the most of your time as an International Student in Melbourne.

It has useful easy to read information, including links to great websites, apps and WAI support services.
Students have the following information at their fingertips:
  • Melbourne culture and lifestyle
  • Useful community support contact details such as emergency numbers
  • TAX file number / Superannuation details
  • Health and safety advice
  • Tips on adjusting well to a new city
  • Public Transport, trains, trams and buses
  • Work and workers' rights
  • Entertainment and recreational details
  • Meeting  people
  • Staying safe at the beach
  • Weather conditions including bushfire safety

Please see the below attachment.
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